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21 DEC
Posted by admin In Marketing

There are a number of businesses that work in the same field of service or product. This creates a lot of competition in the market to get people avail your product and to make them aware about your services and the benefits of hiring your business services or products. There is a lot of effort made to promote business and for endorsement of services and products and also a lot of money spent in this process. Companies need to sell their products to gain business and increase their profits. Some of the approaches taken by the companies are expensive and most of them fail to concentrate on the inexpensive ways of advertising.

One such inexpensive way to advertise your business is the use of cheap promotional products. These products can be anything from normal use items like key chains, pens, mugs, caps, t-shirts, folders, diaries, coasters to even computer accessories like pen drives, mouse pads, and more. Most of the cheap promotional products are useful for the common man and are most of the times put in front use. On the same hand, it is also important that you make a choice of the right product, shape and color that looks attractive also solves your purpose.

These promotional products can be distributed among friends, relatives, employees, business partners, clients and also customers. Every company should have a promotional campaign to do complete justice with its services and products and the best solution to have effective promotion is the use of personalized promotional products.
One of the basic actions that businesses do to increase profitability is lower costs while keeping quality. There are many areas where companies can lower down bills. One of the major factors that contribute to high expenses is power consumption. Due to negligence and inconsideration, electricity is wasted. An average of 40% of energy is wasted by companies. Pinpointing which devices or equipment uses the specific amount of electricity is quite hard. It usually ends up as a guessing game for the company personnel. If you are one of the owners or people in charge of planning for lowering consumption, then you have to be assisted by world class devices. Enigin PLC, a global company, has different products that will help monitor the use of electricity in a whole facility.

You can try the Eniscope which uses metering technology and a web server to track power usage. This is an advanced smart meter that produces real time logs that can be of big help to the company. This means that you can identify saving opportunities which lead to more income for the company. You will also be able to pin point equipment that are consuming too much energy. Sometimes, when equipment is starting to lose its useful life, it uses more power. You can analyze whether you will be able to save more on buying new equipment rather than just maintaining it. With Eniscope, you will also be able to check archives of logs and study trends.

Be educated on your power consumption and increase the company’s profitability. Understanding more about your equipment and its power consumption can help you device strategies to save up.
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